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Lynn Baker, R.N.
Conventional and Minimally Invasive Total Knee Replacements

Lynn Baker, R.N. is a 68 year old Cambria resident.  She's a very unique patient in that she's had a conventional total knee replacement and a Minimally Invasive total knee replacement - both by Dr. Woods.

Lynn has been an avid hiker for many years, and says she and her husband have hiked from Antarctica to London - and everywhere in between.  Over the years Lynn developed Osteoarthritis in her knee, and began to find that she was unable to make the downhill journey after a nice uphill hike.

Lynn's right knee was replaced in January 2004 using conventional total knee replacement surgery.  She feels the conventional knee surgery was very successful, and she was able to return to an active life style. However, she also feels that it took quite a while for her to regain her mobility and be free of pain.

Lynn later tore a cartilage in her left knee and it started to bother her.  She saw Dr. Woods again, and he informed her of the new Minimally Invasive Surgery technique he was now utilizing.  She had her left knee done using MIS techniques in early April 2005.

Since she's had both conventional and MIS knee replacement surgeries, Lynn volunteered some observations comparing the two:

  • The day of my MIS surgery, just 6 hours post operatively, I was able to do straight leg lifts.  I was walking down the hospital hallway the next day.

  • The mobility one day after MIS surgery was about the same as it had been at one month with the conventional knee.

  • There was far less pain with the MIS knee - what I would describe as a dull ache.

  • A knee replacement is a partnership between you, your doctor and your therapist. You must take an active role in doing your part to ensure success.

Lynn's physical therapist, Judy Keating, was amazed by Lynn's capabilities on Day 3 after her MIS Knee Replacement. Calling it "an obviously superior surgical intervention, which I am sure will be a great help to many," Judy and Gentiva Health Services gave us permission to use the brief but excited voicemail she left for Dr. Woods following her second home therapy visit. Click on the Play button below to listen to it.

Judy Keating, Physical Therapist, Gentiva Health Services

Mary Nieto, Active Retired
Minimally Invasive Total Hip Replacement

Mary, like many others suffering with hip arthritis, was living with constant pain, loss of mobility and inability to conduct her everyday life with dignity. She reflects on how she felt prior to having a Total Hip Replacement: "I just could not live the life I wanted to live; it was so bad that I really felt I had no choice but to have surgery. I had a friend who'd had surgery done by Dr. Woods, and I feel extremely fortunate to have gotten on track with him."

She had minimally invasive hip replacement surgery on May 9, 2005. Since then her only complaint is her other hip, which also needs to be replaced. When asked about that prospect she replies, "I have no fear, I have complete trust and faith in Dr. Woods's hands and knowledge. I am actually looking forward to having the other hip done; I can't wait to get scheduled."

Mary said that following surgery she had absolutely no pain. She was encouraged to put weight on the new hip immediately following surgery. She recalls, "The therapists at the Transitional Care Facility were amazed that I could fully weight the hip immediately, and with Dr. Woods's blessings."

She is now able to do anything she wants on the right hip and says she is only limited by the left hip which will be replaced shortly. "The entire experience was wonderful. Dr. Woods' nurse was great." Mary also said: "When I went to outpatient physical therapy, all the therapists were talking about Dr. Woods' Minimally Invasive Surgery Program and just how well I was doing, and all the other patients they were seeing as well."

"Friends call me all the time to discuss my surgery and how well I have done. When they ask, I have to tell them who they need to see if they want to have similar results to what I have had."

Bob Osborne, Paragliding Instructor
Minimally Invasive UniCompartmental Knee Replacement

Bob is a very fit and active 49-year-old Paragliding instructor who lives on the California Central Coast. In 2001 he took a very scary fall, which landed him in the emergency room where he met Dr. Woods.

As time passed, Bob found it increasingly difficult to work and participate in his active passions of mountain biking and paragliding due to the pain of osteoarthritis in his knee. In 2004, since Dr. Woods had done the surgery when he injured the knee in 2001, Bob decided it was time to see him again.

"I was in a lot of pain, and could not work without limping," Bob said. "I could not put any weight on my right knee at all - which meant I could not ride my mountain bike without pain and could not fly at all."

On September 13, 2004 Bob had a Unicompartmental Minimally Invasive Knee Surgery. He reports: "The surgery went very well ... I woke up in very little pain and remained that way for most of the first day ... I was feeling very good and ready to go by Day 3."

Bob started outpatient physical therapy on Day 7.  He was very aggressive with his therapy. At Week 6 he began riding his bike again, slowly and carefully at first, with no hills or long rides. By the end of Week 8 he was back at work and was good to go.

Bob returned to Paragliding 10 weeks following MIS knee surgery. He felt strong enough by then to take a good impact if one were to come. He is now riding his bike 20 miles, climbing hills for hours, flying and doing everything a fit 49-year-old can do. Bob says, "I am sure this surgery is not for everyone, but it gave me back the life I love!"

Terry Slobodnik, Dancer
Minimally Invasive Total Hip Replacement

Terry has been dancing most of her life. As a professional Ballerina and dance teacher, Terry is a well conditioned athlete who is very dedicated to her art. Terry was the unfortunate victim of a car accident several years ago. This accident caused severe soft tissue damage around her right hip, which ultimately led to extremely rapid deterioration of her hip.

Terry had learned of Dr Woods over 20 years ago when he treated a fellow dancer in Terry's troupe. She also had the good fortune of having Dr Woods treat her children over the years.  

Terry was able to dance on her failing hip, mainly due to her exceptional conditioning and drive. But during a performance she badly injured her hip.

She recalls, "I was still able to dance on the bad hip but all the Chiropractors and Physical Therapists just could no longer help me. I was able to go on stage, perform at the highest level, but then needed to be helped to my dressing room. I had nauseating pain following my performances; this pain was far worse than going through all five of my child births."

Terry was in so much pain she did not sleep for the better part of a year. "The pain was leading me to a complete emotional breakdown."

She consulted Dr. Woods and he advised her that her hip had degenerated rapidly, and would not be reversing its degeneration. They scheduled and performed a mini-incision total hip replacement for Terry.

Following surgery Terry was up and walking immediately. She was actually back teaching her dance students just six weeks following surgery. She chuckles as she recalls her students taking care of her and reminding her not to do dance moves that she was told not to do.

She says, "Compared to how I felt prior to surgery, I would say I woke up with no pain!"

Two years after surgery we asked Terry how she felt. She replied, "At two years out, my hip is getting even better. My incision looks better, and my pain is gone. My range of motion in my hip is incredible.  I am amazed: I can jump, and my extensions are 90% of what they were prior to surgery. I feel so good that I have to be careful not to overdo it!  I have been able to get my life back, and I am so grateful."

Charles Fox
Conventional & Minimally Invasive Total Knee Replacements

Charles had an MIS Total Knee Replacement four years after having a Conventional Total Knee Replacement. His wife, Emily, wrote Dr. Woods the following letter contrasting his experiences with the two approaches.

Dear Dr. Daniel Woods,

Thanks so much for the magical operation on my husband's right knee last month on May 23. He could stand up on the same day after surgery, and he could do physical therapy on the following day. It was just amazing and wonderful.

My husband's left knee went through total knee replacement surgery on Jan 2001. I remember that he was so painful for the whole week after surgery. He had had a machine holding his knee straight and keeping it cool when he was lyig in bed. He was so painful at that time. Even after he went home, he had had to stay in bed for over a month, he could barely go through physical therapy, and that took a long time for him to feel better. That's the reason he thought he would not have his right knee go through surgery even if he needed it.

His right knee finally deteriorated and he really needed a better knee. Thank you for this new minimal invasive procedure, my husband did not have to endure the painful recuperating process like last time. He has had on-going physical therapy since after surgery, and within three weeks, he is walking better than before surgery.

Hope more patients can benefit from this new kind of surgery, and thanks again for better our lives.

Emily & Charles Fox

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